Canvas Works Sold

sold Highland Paddock Mates, Oil on Canvas, 910x650mm $1800
Sold Untitled in Blue, Oil on Canvas 1220 x 910mm $3200 (The blue is a little more navy than this image shows)
The Workers , Oil on Canvas 1220 x 910mm $3,800

Highland and Mates Oil on Canvas

“Blue in Grace ” oil on Canvas , 1520 x 760 mm $3200

Two Interlopers, Oil on Canvas 1220 x 915 $3800

sold Lambing Shepherd 152x 121 cm oil on Canvas

Sold Many faces of the Highland oil on canvas 1520x560mm
Highland Bull
sold The Hunter and the Hunted, Oil on Canvas 1520 x 910 mm
Old Before Their Time
sold “Old Before Their Time” Oil On Canvas,1010 x 1520mm

Riding out the Storm
sold Riding Out the Storm

2020-04-18 22.07.58
sold The Hunter and the Hunted 2 , Oil on Canvas, 1210 x 910 mm

2019-12-17 07.13.33
sold Transparent in Blues oil on Canvas, 1520x760mm

Arriving Late With Grace
sold Arriving Late With Grace. oil on canvas,1525×500. $2500

the workers web
sold The Workers oil on canvas 1520 x 1015mmmm.