Glass Works Sold

white washing and a coal bin
sold White Washing and a Coal Bin, oil on glass image may show some reflection,480x178mm $590




lady in red, let it begin 2
sold Let it Begin! no 2(Lady in Red Series)oil on glass image may show some reflection 242×133 mm $360
web woman in coat
sold Standing in the Breeze , oil on Glass 103x83mm $160
Lone Stockman 2 oil on glass 292x184 $450 webb
soldLone Stockman no 2″ oil on Glass 292 x184mm $450
web man on dun horse
sold  .Riding the Dun, oil on glass,
Hale gallery
soldLeft Behind” oil on glass, 360 x228mm, $620
web woman in rowing boat
sold Woman and Life, oil on Glass, 270 x142 mm, $410
web woman and stick
sold Girl with Stick, oil on glass, 83x63mm, $145
web wirlpool corner
sold Whirlpool Corner, Averys Cottage, oil on glass
lady without a plate web
sold”Lady Without a Plate”, oil on Glass,340x148mm, $480, Image shows some reflection.
peace at lastwebb
sold Peace at Last, oil on glass, 103x 113mm, $220 framed in narrow black frame
soldThree Little Redheads” oil on glass, 210 x105mm, $320 NZD Left Bank art Gallery
sold Someone I once knew oil on glass267x117 380 web
soldSomeone I Once Knew”, oil on glass, 267x117mm
six coasters webb2jpg
SoldSix Coasters no 2″, oil on Glass,438 x 290mm
Lady in Red .oil on glass 379x270 $640 webb
soldLady in Red”, Oil on Glass 379x270mm $640
Pioneer Woman , Two childrenwebb
sold Pioneer Woman and Two Children”, oil on glass, 830 x 265mm $930
lady riderwebb
sold Lady Rider, oil on Glass,miniature,75x65mm $80 Image appears brighter than the original painting
alone again oil on glass jpg
soldAlone Again” oil on glass, 193 x 83mm, $275
father and son oil on glass
soldFather and Son” Oil on Glass, 635 x 302mm, $880
a mothers lovewebb
sold A Mothers Love, oil on Glass ,690x298mm,
Mother, Daughter,Hemming.
Sold Mother,Daughter,Hemming. Oil on Glass
Sold Woman Watching
sold Woman Watching
soldThree Riders” minature oil on glass, 95 x 58mm, $150 NZD.
soldWashday and Flax” oil on glass, 289 x 260mm
soldGentleman Rider” miniture oil on glass, 110 x 65mm, $180 NZD
Dance At The Local Hall
sold”Dance At The Local Hall” Oil on Glass, 165 x 375mm.
Lady In Red Dancing
soldLady In Red Dancing” Oil On Glass 92 x 65mm
SoldLady In Red Waiting” minature oil on glass, 122 x 55mm $220 NZD
Atkin Gallery, Nelson
SoldLone Horseman” minature oil on glass, 95 x 63mm, $180 NZD
soldAlone ” oil on glass, 230 x 108mm $340 NZD
Salt Of The Earth
sold”Salt Of The Earth” minature Oil On Glass 82 x 78 mm $160
sold”Contemplation” oil on glass, 218 x 147mm, $350 NZD
soldA Busy Mother“, minature oil on glass, 110 x 65mm, $190 NZD