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web resized interlopers

Two Interlopers   Oil onCanvas 1210x915mm

2019-12-17 07.15.04
Pioneer Family, New Arrivals oil on canvas , 1520x910mm
2019-12-17 07.13.33
Transparent in Blues oil on Canvas, 1520x760mm
2019-12-17 07.12.28
Two Arrivals, oil on Canvas.


2019-12-17 07.31.13
The Workers , Oil on Canvas
2019-12-17 07.28.58
Untethered, oil on Canvas
2019-12-17 07.26.59
Mares and Foals in Blue, oil on Canvas. 1500x760mm



The Hunter and the Hunted web
The Hunter and the Hunted oil on canvas 1520x910mm

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