Current Works In Gallery

Free Delivery within the North and South Islands of New Zealand for Original Artwork

Fanfare (no1 Watch The Conductor series) 1220x710mm oil on Canvas

Viking Age (No 2 from the watch the conductor series)760x1010mm oil on Canvas

sold Woman Adrift Oil on Glass 280 x210mm $480

A Young Girls Dream Oil on Canvas 1520x760mm $4200

Sold Untitled in Blue, Oil on Canvas 1220 x 910mm $3200 (The blue is a little more navy than this image shows)

Muster Behind the Lake, oil on Canvas 1520x755mm $3400

A Fold of Highland Cattle, Oil on Canvas 1520x505mm $2900

Sold Highland Paddock Mates, Oil on Canvas, 910x650mm $1800

sold Many Faces of the Highland oil on Canvas 1510 x 550mm
Sold  Family of Girls Oil on Glass 298x160mm $450 Image may show some reflection.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_0111-e1611133077160.jpg

Sold  A Day in The Life Of…….Unpaid Labour    oil on canvas 1500x1010mm $3,5000


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is resized-5.jpgSoldBlue in Grace ” oil on Canvas , 1520 x 760 mm $3200

Three Mates
sold     Three Mates    oil on glass 370x250mm $620


Young Crossbred may 20
Young Crossbred, Oil on Canvas, 1520 x 910 mm  $3800

Two Interlopers may 20
SoldTwo Interlopers, Oil on Canvas 1220 x 915 $3900

The Hunter and the Hunted
Sold The Hunter and the Hunted, Oil on Canvas 1520 x 910 mm $3800

2019-12-17 07.15.04
sold   Pioneer Family, New Arrivals oil on canvas , 1520 x 910 mm $3900

2019-12-17 07.17.33
sold New horizons, Woman and Packhorse oil on Glass 470x298mm $720

2019-12-17 07.28.58
Sold Untethered, oil on Canvas 1220 x 910 mm $3800
2019-12-17 07.26.59
sold   Mares and Foals in Blue, oil on Canvas. 1500 x 760 mm

Graceful in Greys oil on Canvas 1210 x 910mm

sold Graceful in Greys. Oil on Canvas 

web STray Muster
“Stray Muster”. oil on Canvas 1215 x 910 $3800